Our company, takes over fireplace and wood stove installation all over Cyprus. In all of our work, we use the appropriate materials not only for the chimney, but for the fireplace installation as well. This way, you will get the best result and you will be able to enjoy your fire, safely and without any problems.

Urano Eco Vitro 70, installed with Skamotek 225

solzaima urano vitro 70 cyprus

Chazelles HP700, installed to cover the whole corner

fireplace in corner

Dimplex Ignite XL 74, with position for the TV


Chazelles D70 with Skamoenclosure Boards

τζάκι μαντεμένιο D70 και επένδυση με skamol

μαντεμένιο τζάκι ντυμένο με skamol

Cast Iron fireplace with Stamotek enclosure

Chimney top

Chazelles HP800 in corner

HP800 skamotek 225 1

cast iron fireplace Chazelles in corner

Chazelles C800L

c800l goniako

Chazelles Cloud 70L VAD

cloud 70 me rafia 1

cloud 70 me rafia 2

cloud 70 me rafia 3

Chazelles D70 SOLO VOLET

d70 entoixismeno 1

d70 entoixismeno 2

d70 gonia skamotek 225

d70 solo 1

d70 solo 2

Chazelles D80 SOLO Volet


D80 2

Chazelles CDF801R, Double sided fireplace

diplhs opsis cdf801r

diplhs opsis cdf801r 2

Chazelles F70R

f70r goniako

Replacement of an old builted fireplace with a woodstove

gkremisma 1

Γκρέμισμα 2

Σοβάτισμα 3

Σπατουλάρισμα 4

Τελική 5

Chazelles HP800

gkremisma pafos 1

gkremisma pafos 2

gkremisma pafos 3

gkremisma pafos 4

Supra Gotham wood stove


Chazelles HP800

hp800 entoixismeno

hp800 entoixismeno 2

hp800 loxi kaminada 1

hp800 loxi kaminada 2

HP800 rafia

HP800 skamoenclosure boards

hp800 skamol 1

hp800 skamol 2


gonia cg580 skamotek 225

goniako c801rve 1goniako c801rve 1goniako c801rve 1

Chazelles Cloud90R VAD, corner fireplace installed with Skamoenclosure Boards

goniako tzaki cloud 1goniako tzaki cloud 1goniako tzaki cloud 1

Upgrade of an existing built fireplace with Chazelles V70 Solo Volet cassette

kaseta 1kaseta 1kaseta 1

kaminada 1

scamotec κλείσιμο καμινάδας

perasma kaminadas apo xyla 1perasma kaminadas apo xyla 1perasma kaminadas apo xyla 1perasma kaminadas apo xyla 1

Gas double sided fireplace with position of the TV set on both sides

tzaki diplhs opsis gkaziou 1tzaki diplhs opsis gkaziou 1

Installation of a fireplace with Skamoenclosure boards (Skamotek 225)

windo 2 skamotek 225 1windo 2 skamotek 225 1