Ecological fireplaces SOLZAIMA in Cyprus.

Plasterboard Constructions - Room Partitions - Pergolas - Wooden Fences in Cyprus

Insulating SkamoEnclosure Boards - Skamol
  Our company has started importing and distributing in Cyprus, Skamoenclosure Boards from Skamol - Denmark.
Electric fireplaces in Cyprus.
  We are happy to announce the import and selling of electric fireplaces, from Dimplex. - Blogspot
Our company, Barbakas Chr and Panayi Pan Ltd announces the launch of  Blogspot .
Chazelles 10 Years Guarantee
   The first French manufacturer that provides a 10 year guarantee.
Suitable Wood for Burning.
  An important question that plagues fireplace owners in Cyprus, is which woods are best to use in our fireplace, whether it is a traditional open type fireplace or a new high output insert with door, etc.