Two-sided gas fire | Chazelles Sweetline 100 VAD

Gas fireplace with glass on the right side. The Chazelles Sweetline 100 VAD model is equipped with three burners and a remote control to regulate the temperature and the height of the flames. In all simplicity, you become the master of your fireplace. The two-sided insert blends in perfectly at any corner of your space and makes it easy to integrate a touch of warmth into your room.
The instantaneous combustion effect, is accompanied either by ceramic logs or white stones, which will perfectly dress the bottom of your insert. A realism that will amaze even wood lovers. The same model is available with glass on the left side - Sweetline 100 VAG.
Sales price 4213,00 € +VAT
Sweetline 70 VAD with glass on the right
  • Energy classification: A
  • European standard: EN 613
  • Output (NG I2E+ - Propane I3P 37/50): 14 - 17 kw
  • Performance Rate: 84%
  • Gas input: 1/2"
  • Glass dimensions: 978 x 448 x 266 mm
  • Flue gas exit diameter: 13 / 20 cm
  • Net weight: 76 kg
  • Warranty: 5 years