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  Our company TzakiCy does not stop evolving with the aim of adapting and meeting all the needs of the customer, according to the data of the times. We are pleased to be the exclusive agents of the Portuguese company SOLZAIMA. An ecologically conscious company that loves and protects the environment. It gives the customer elegant and modern fireplaces, high efficiency with low consumption and zero pollutants. The SOLZAIMA company with 40 years of experience in the heating sector, created its new factory in 2020 with strict ecological criteria, rebelling against the unnecessary consumption of wood and the contamination of the atmosphere by pollutants.


  All SOLZAIMA fireplaces carry the ECO DESIGN certificate. The specific certification concerns the legislation approved in 2016 in Europe and is in immediate effect from 2022. All wood and pellet stoves have been reviewed and adjusted according to the strictest criteria so that their operation is efficient, with minimal emissions and with a friendly for the planet their manufacturing process.

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